The “Friendship” between Pierre Elliott Trudeau and the Soviets — a historic Fact!

The Canadian-Soviet connection: Did you know that the Soviet Government and the KGB (Committee for State Security, the secret police of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union) considered Pierre Elliott Trudeau “soft on Communism” and had friendly relations with the Trudeau administration?

As a matter of act, the Soviet Government used their influence on Pierre Elliott Trudeau to fire a KGB defector living in Canada and Trudeau obliged their request. (FYI Trudeau was also an admirer of Fidel Castro)

Yuri A. Bezmenov (aka Tomas David Schuman), was a Soviet journalist for news agency RIA Novosti and a former KGB informant (Bezmenov belonged to “Department A” of the KGB, specializing in disinformation) who defected to Canada. (Note: The Soviets were always sensitive on Canada, due to the 1948 defection of Igor Gouzenko a cipher clerk for the Soviet embassy in Ottawa.

Gouzenko defected on September 5, 1945, three days after the end of WWII, with 109 documents on the USSR’s espionage activities in the West. This forced Canada’s then PM Mackenzie King to call a Royal Commission to investigate espionage in Canada. Gouzenko exposed Soviet intelligence’s efforts to steal U.S. nuclear secrets as well as the technique of planting sleeper agents.

The “Gouzenko Affair” is often credited as a triggering event of the Cold War and thus “awakened the people of North America to the magnitude and the danger of Soviet espionage”. Thus the Cold war between the Capitalist West and Communist East started on Canadian soil) Bezmenov in his 1985 interview with G. Edward Griffin accused the then Soviet Ambassador to Canada, Alexandr Yakovlev of getting him fired from the CBC:

Quote: “I started working for the overseas service of the CBC, which is similar to Voice of America, in Russian language, and of course the monitoring service in the USSR picked up every new voice every new announcer they would make it a point to discover who he is and in five years, sure enough, slowly but surely, they discovered that I am not Tomas Schuman, that I am Yuri Alexandrovich Bezmenov, and that I am working for Canadian broadcasting, and undermining the beautiful détente between Canada and the USSR. And the Soviet ambassador to Ottawa, Aleksandr Yakovlev made it his personal effort to discredit me; he complained to PM Pierre Trudeau, who is known to be a little bit “soft on socialism”, and the management of CBC behaved in a very strange, cowardly way, unbecoming of representatives of an independent country like Canada. They listened to every suggestion that the Soviet ambassador gave, and they started a shameful investigation, analyzing the content of my broadcasts to the USSR. Sure enough, they discovered that some of my statements were probably too offending to the Soviet politburo. So I had to leave my job.

(Note : Alexandr Yakovlev became good friends with Pierre Trudeau and also the Minister of Agriculture Eugene Whelan as both men were ardent agriculturalists.

Trudeau admired the Russians so much that he named his second son, Alexandre Trudeau in honor of his Soviet friend. The relationship between Yakovlev and Whelan became so close that Pierre Trudeau called him in to get assurance that Whelan had not divulged any “Canadian national secrets”, to the Soviets as the minister was a member of the Cabinet Defence committee. When Mikhail Gorbachev, then Soviet Minister of Agriculture (later Soviet supreme leader) came to Canada in 1983, Yakovlev connected Gorbachev with Whelan, who arranged a three-week tour across Canada for both Soviet officials, accompanied personally by Whelan.

Yakolev wrote in his memoirs: “I gave 10 years of my life to Canada. I carefully studied Canadian life, based on common sense. I wondered why we, in the Soviet Union refused to give up our dogmas. My instructions came from Moscow — to criticize Canada and to promote our Communist propaganda in Canadian society, as many Canadian youth I interacted did not even knew who their PM was, proving their ignorance, hence there is a good chance that this country can become Communist someday.”

The Soviets used their influence on Trudeau as a safe ground to do espionage work on the United States.

With many thanks to an American patriot analyst for the above information.

Canada has a large immigrants from Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union who know it well how it is like to live under Communist dictatorship. Many of those Canadians of Eastern European descent who voted for the Liberal will be surprised to find out that Pierre Trudeau and the Soviets had close relationship to the point of forcing a KGB defector to get fired form his job for speaking the truth regarding the true face of Communism.

Photo: Canada’s PM, Pierre Elliott Trudeau and Alexandr Yakovlev, the Soviet ambassador to Ottawa (1979–83)
Photo: Pierre Elliott Trudeau and Cuba’s mass murderer, dictator, Fidel Castro

Shabnam is a Canadian human rights activist and freelance writer/journalist of Iranian origin and a former child prisoner of Evin Prison.